Hello! I'm Marta Pascal.

Political scientist expert in GovTech, historian, Ph.D. in Communication, and adjunct Lecturer at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University.

My purpose is to bring people, companies, organizations, and institutions closer together through technology. This translates as making the most of digitization while ensuring that any transformation process does not leave people behind.

Between 2013 and 2020 I was a member of Parliament (first in the Parliament of Catalonia and then in the Spanish Senate). During those years, which coincided with a huge acceleration in technological and digitalization processes, I saw how confidence between the public and private sectors (people and politics) was deteriorating fast, creating an unsalvageable gap between people and politics. Thus in 2020, I decided to leave my elected position in the Spanish Senateand focus on this field of action.

During these years of exponential acceleration in the evolution of technology and digitization, the relationship between states and their people is deteriorating to alarming levels. This is why I am dedicated to restoring the confidence lost between people and organizations.

Studying new models of citizen participation and interaction is crucial to this matter. GovTech plays a major role in transforming the way in which governments, companies, and institutions interact with citizens. Generating synergies to build alliances, improving efficiency, promoting transparency, and encouraging citizen participation in decision-making while incorporating digitization technologies such as electronic voting systems adapted to the public sector, or processes of active listening, among others.

Thanks for visiting my website!